Friday, August 5, 2011

My Derby 101 & reasons.

1. Compare yourself to yourself!
Because other wise you will miss your great achievements.
In fact that should be number one.. but in all honesty, it's the only way you will improve, not just as yourself, but as a valuable team mate....
After all we work to hard on it and we don't get paid, if we are not having fun, well.. why.. are we doing all those bloody push ups?
4. DO Not Underestimate ANY ONE!
That girl you snigger at now, may just be the one to send you in the air later on.
We are all doing our best, we are all working hard.
Don't be mean , don't be nasty, we all have been worse skaters and we all desire to be better skaters. Don't get mad because a team mate isn't "as good as you yet".

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